A broken bound?

Now I’m sitting at the causality in Norway. I managed to hurt my wrist in the gym when I was running against a classmate. I’m so used to roll into mattresses that I run into a brick wall without thinking it would hurt. My speed was almost on the top when I hit the brick wall. My hands tried mitigate the shot, and thats how I got hurt. How can I be so stupid? 😔



Bread roll waffles

When I woke up today, I wanted to eat the same waffles that I ate yesterday, because they were so yummy! But instead it became some more “healthier” waffles with no fruitsugar or cinnamon. With other words, the result was more of some bread rolls only in waffle form. But it tasted good, and it didnt take too much time to make them. They are tasty with some topping over, for example corn, salad and tomatoes, but can fit to other toppings as well.

The recipy was almost the same as the one below, but this waffle was without banana, cinnamon and oatmeal.


Healthy vegan waffles

Today I made healthy vegan waffles with my boyfriend. We decided to make something yummy, and the option was waffles.
We found a recipy on a vegan website and changed something in it to make as we wanted. In the beginning we tried to use less oil than in the recipy, but then it became difficult to roast them because they splitted. So we added the recommended dose.

5 dl rye
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
5 dl soya
2 crunched bananas
3 dashes with oliven oil



Toasted bread with onions and corn

This was what I ended up eating today. It is easy to make, and it does not need a lot of ingredients.
Onions and bread together is good for iron uptake, so this is essential if you have lack if this!


To tone down the strong taste of onions you can use corns in it too, then it taste sweeter and you will not notice so much of the onions. Spice it up with some oregano and chilli too, if you like it spiced!

How to get enough proteins when you have a vegan diet


Proteins is important for several things. It is helping you to build up your body, and if you are active it is important that you get enough. It is also balancing you glucose, so you gotta add in more proteins in your diet. When you go over to have a vegan diet, you cannot only live on fruits and vegetables. You will soon find out that this is not giving you enough energy, and you will become tired and miserable. It is probably the proteins that you are missing, and to get enough proteins you have to add in the right foods. Some food that is rich on proteins:

– Soya (all kinds of soya products)

– Nuts

– Banana (and some other fruits)

– Mushrooms

– Beans (all kinds of beans)

– Chickpeas

This was some examples of food that is rich on proteins, but there are for sure more examples, it is just to check it out better!

A fruit portion after working out


This is what I ate yesterdays evening after having a workout. It is full of carbohydrates and is good if you have worked out and need something sweet and light. All you need is some fruits, you do not need the identical fruits that I have added, but if you want it identical as I made it here is the ingredients:

– 2 Apples

– 2 Bananas

– Cinnamon (spices)

– Raw cocoa mass

– Raisins


1. The first thing you do is to fill a bowl with little water, not too much because it is supposed to have a smaller bowl over the water while it is boiling. The smaller boil is supposed to have the raw cocoa in it, so that it gets melted.

2. I like raisins as well, so I added them in with the raw cocoa. You do not need them if you do not like raisins, but personally I like it.

3. While you boil you raw cocoa, you chop your fruits like you want them. And then, when the raw cocoa is melted, you just put it over the fruits.

4. If you want some cinnamon as well, you can spice it over the whole fruit portion, then its done!

To eat food with rich with carbohydrates is important when you have worked out. I have once tried to “starve” myself with just eating vegetables (not many), and you don’t feel as great afterwards. I personally love fruits after working out because it is sweet, easy, healthy and full of vitamins. And you don’t feel guilty afterwards.

How to live healthy


There are many benefits with living a healthy life. You may not think so much about it because you have a good health from before, but having good routines makes your life quality better. Of course there is people who get to have a long life even though they have not lived a healthy life, but it does not mean that they have lived a good life? To live healthy is not about doing things you do not like but doings things that you like and makes you feel good. I don’t know if eating crappy food makes you feel good, for me it never does, but you have to find a balance that works for you.

To live a healthy life you need knowledge and experience. You need to know your body and what you like, and you need to know why you are doing it. Is it because you wanna feel good about your body? Or is it because you have a disease and you need to take care of yourself? There is several reasons to live healthy, and you need to know you reason so that you go in the right direction.

It is not just to think about how to eat right and healthy, but also to think about activity (such as exercise), fresh air, enough sleep, and doing things that you like. This is all a circle that is evolving each other. And to change that circle in for example a good direction, such as becoming more healthy, you need to change one of the components. Even if it is the eating part, or getting enough sleep. But what ever you choose, it will also effect the other components in the positive directions. And if you maintain this, you will get a better life, a better life with better routines.

I think life is a lot of about finding yourself, what you like and what you want. In other words, what works for you.